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Narrative 1_Husbandmen
Narrative 2_Industrialization
Narrative 3_Trail Blazers

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Till Plain Traverse :

The new tradition in Tippecanoe County

           The landscape narrates its own stories through changes. Not all cities were born as a complete set with sky scrapers. The landscape has been adapted to needs. Tippecanoe County represents the land history of the people of Indiana.


       Since people started to settle in Tippecanoe County in the 17th century, the land was changed by people’s activities. Before the settlement of Native Americans, this area was mainly prairie or wetland. However, with inflow of people, most spaces were transformed to urban or agricultural area through industrialization.


        Changes in the landscape are still in progress. Based on contexts of the land, future urbanism will lead Tippecanoe to a tactical landscape where human activity and technology harmonize.





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