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R.O.K ARMY Cipher Officer


        During 637 serving days in the Republic of Korea Army, I was assigned to the border of Seoul, the capital city of Korea, as a code analyst. With cryptology specialty, I edited military secret documents, and encrypted and decrypted secret messages. Carrying out my duty, I kept questioning the critical value of security and signal affected by landscape characteristics.


          If the war were to break out between South and North Korea, most infrastructures would encounter deconstruction. Considering the circumstances, the military need to build the independent secured network system to benefit landscape characteristic that mountains cover 70% of the whole country.


            The system required relay stations at mountain peaks to send signals. Until now, this system remains as the most suitable system in the landscape condition of Korea and cost-effective, and highly relies on physical landscape conditions. However, the current system often fails in transmitting stable middle nodes.


            To consider the most efficient ways for securities and immediacies, I suggest that the network system should have advanced two-way answer/originate to superposed and subordinate organizations. In this way, the whole system will never be down though one node is down. This system brings ubiquitous-integrated / Mutual communications apprehending landscape.


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