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Real Scale Model
Site Analysis

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Modular Cloud :
The marble of the space

          A compilation of modules creates a structure, and a compilation of structures creates a space. A module works independently for space, and it suggests variability, repeatability, and flexibility. Such an organic function of module regenerates a space.


          Module expands the concept of size, complexity, and function in exercising space. It individually creates its own mechanisms, and produces multiple numbers of module units. Various combinations of a number of modules lead to infinite possibilities of finalizing a form that  harmonizes with its urban contextual needs and users’ preferences.


          The passage-pavilion, Modular Cloud, demonstrates that modules compose organic and geometric spaces in ways of alignment, re-composition, and combination. It is consist of four different kinds of module. Each module delivers the functions of basic establishment, repetitive arrangement, flexible connection and organic design.


          Modular Cloud redefines the depressed area with potential conditions, such as natural sunlight, and canopies. The Modular system from Modular Cloud successfully proposes a natural way of adapting to the site and its practical mechanism. It also brings flexible accessions to different or multiple locations.



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