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Green Umbrella :
Summer Internship
in EEJAAC Landscape Architects


Overall teamwork


          During the Internship at EEJAAC Landscape architects, the design team that I belonged to participated in the annual LH (Korea Land Housing Corporation) Competition : Seocho District Development in Seoul and won the third prize.


          As a devoted member of the design team, I participated a broad range of tasks : analysing site, checking a municipal ordinance for development, finding specific cases for minimizing noise of highway and managing reservoirs, and making diagrams and perspectives. In weekly discussion, I proposed constructive ideas to accomplish the project. While the competition was on process, I developed and finalized diagrams and perspectives with a supervisions of team members. The diagrams that I worked on were selected for the final proposal and presentation boards.



Individual work


          As a member of the team for EEJAAC, team leader assigned me to design a partial site from the whole masterplan in this whole project. With the principal’s supervision, I completed the site plan. This area was 2,800m2. The concept was ‘the Forest’, which was applied in my assigned area. Different levels of land transformation maximizes usable spaces for both residents and passersby.



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